Jasleen Kaur


    Jasleen is currently pursuing a major in English literature, and is always up for new book and anime recommendations.
    With J.K. Rowling as her inspiration, she aspires to become a renowned fantasy fiction writer, and often daydreams about the characters she’ll probably forget to write about.

        Pranav Dhasmana


        Pranav Dhasmana is a student of literature. Born and brought up in Dehradun and Uttarakhand, he is deeply indulged in all the social as well as the cultural phenomena in the state. Other than being an avid lover of literature, he is also a movie, tv, mythology and history buff – all in one.

            Ritika Chandola

            Marketing and Publicity

            Beside being a professional classical dancer, ritika holds interest in dramatics. the marketing head seeks to socialize the journal at a large sacle.

                Arushi Jain


                Currently pursuing bachelor’s in commerce,  I have a deep interest in the aspects of business and economics ,on the professional front. Also, I am fond of learning and researching about different cultures and social work ,who aspires to work in the field of mental health by initiating awareness about it.

                    Anjali Agrahari

                    My name is Anjali Agrahari. I am from Amethi, Uttar Pradesh. It’s been 18months I am here doing BA(J&MC) from IMS Union University. My hobbies are reading, writing, dancing, photography, cycling, and sports. I love to get inspired by other’s life and portrait those unrecognizable but appreciable things through words. I also dream of opening my own NGO and serving people for their lives and rights.

                    “Satisfaction is in words, not in materialistic world for those who feel it”
                    _by Anjali

                        Vidisha Nainwal


                        Though born in Mumbai yet I am attached to Dehradun given the fact
                        that I have spent most of my childhood and adolescence here. I am an ardent reader, crime fictions
                        being my favourite genre. Greatly inspired by Oprah Winfrey and Maya Angelou .
                        Adding new words to the vocabulary and blogging are my favourite pastime. Staunch believer of the
                        philosophy of life- CARPE DIEM .

                            Samridhi Dixit


                            Born in the city of nawabs and brought up in the in the flawlessly beautiful capital of uttarakhand. A classical dancer and passionate about music and singing, a beatboxer, a bookworm. Wishes to inspire people with her beliefs and break the stereotypical mindset of the people against the odds prevailing in our society.



                                Assistant professor in Architecture by profession and enthusiast explorer by nature. She born and bred in Roorkee. Hence, history and consciousness to save heritage is ancestral. Her participation as a writer in The Doon Mozaic is an asset.

                                    Kushagra Mittal


                                    Born and brought up in this
                                    Flawlessly beautiful capital of uttarakhand,
                                    Nature admirer, Traveller and
                                    Adventure freak, a passionate numismatist,
                                    A sporadic blogger, craver of good music,
                                    Partime artist and instrumentalist, a sagacious
                                    Being. I believe that However far a stream flows, it never forgets its origin

                                        Ayushi Nagalia


                                        Born and bred in Dehra, Ayushi’s writing skills are commendable. being amongst the founder members in the team, she is multi talented and is an enthusiast for her work.

                                            Priyanjali Bhalla

                                            Columnist and Editor

                                            Priyanjali is a product designer and is pursuing graduation in psychology and English. She is a Martial Art trainer as well and loves to spend her free time playing pieces on a piano or sketching away her ideas in the form of words or pictures.

                                                Nitin Chandola

                                                Editor in chief

                                                Being the Editor in Chief of The Doon Mozaic, Nitin is a passionate Doonite. presently he is driving two new firms success.

                                                    Shivani Sharma

                                                    Editor and writer

                                                    A keen writer from the bounds of Ganges with the wit of high poetry skills have achieved grade certificate from Trinity College, London. Her interest in literature shows maturity in her work too. Apart from this she plays basketball for district and is also the editor of our magazine. She believes in Arise, awake, stop not till the goal is achieved.