Finally!! Here is our first issue on social topic “Slums of Doon”, after four successive issues related to art and culture.  Society shapes the future of upcoming generation and insures the legacy which they  pass on to their children. The hygienic and well planned lifestyle can make life easier hence, sustainable development in developing cities is a matter of concern. Hence, we came up with this issue on such a crucial topic on slums. Dehradun used to be a heaven till the main city was constrained to Paltan Bazaar region. Immigrants from every possible region migrated after capitalization (as it happens in all the developing cities) but, prediction of floods in the banks of Rispana and Bindal by various government and non-government organisation grabbed our attention towards these sophisticated topics. Slums are the primal tool for political parties to grab leads in voting. The slums in Doon were at verge of getting regularised in 2016, this clearly shows government’s political will in increasing these areas in the city without any concern about the destruction which these floods might cause. In this series our team covered the highly populated and upcoming slums of Doon. Issue story majorly contains the word “dehra” pointing the situation ironically. I would like to thank Megha for publishing her  fiction story with us. A sincere thanks to MAD by BTD for helping us to avail the real scenario ongoing in both social and political level. A special thanks to Abhijay Negi who assisted us from Oxford in understanding the vitality of Rispana and Bindal River in Doon valley. This issue would not have been possible without Karan Kapoor’s intimate assistance and our team’s co-ordination and personal interest on this topic. We hope to bring the valid outcomes of our social and technical researches done by various scientists and archaeologists like William Stichter and scientists of Wadia institute of Himalayan geology, Dehradun.

Happy Reading!!

Nitin Chandola


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