So, here we are, with our Volume 2.  It has been a year since we started our work as a group of enthusiast to write about Dehradun and its surrounding areas. I am glad to inform you that with continuously growing readership we not only became a team of twenty passionate writers, illustrators, editors, and photographers but also sold our first 100 copies of Volume 1 in first three months. The copies of The Doon Mozaic will now be available on both Amazon and other book stores. This time we will be approaching in local stores too to strengthen our reach.

Documenting Dehra in Volume 1 was such an exciting task that, we expanded our work of Volume 2 to the whole Uttarakhand. For this issue we even went to Kumaon for covering the utmost beauty and mythologies of the region. This issue makes a valid justice to many socio- political related topics. Our most criticised issue was on “Hypocrisy in politics of Uttarakhand”, but we were seeking for this kind of critical comments as the possible research was from the RTIs provided by the respected departments and Kedarnath tragedy was a bit more emotional than socio- political subject. Hence, the coverage of the first issue was done on the basis of facts given by RTIs.

This Volume covers the education level in Uttarakhand and hypocrisy related to it. Whereas this volume also throws a limelight on the Swami Vivekananda’s visit to Uttarakhand. The issue also focuses on the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan and its related problems in the region.

With a compassionate team, we aspire to provide more quality of content in the future. The Third Volume of The Doon Mozaic will be in markets in February 2018.

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Nitin Chandola

(Editor – in – chief)

The Doon Mozaic