A Well planned city is an expectation of every resident in any area. Our level of understanding the architectural management is carved on the centuries old monuments. We are well aware of the significance of Delhi, Mysore or Kolkata in building the legacy of Indian Architecture, but Uttarakhand’s legacy is Aeons old. Monuments and other architectural forms signify the way a civilization adapted the place and evolved to an intelligent being. This recent  issue on “Through the Doors of Architecture” is a literary exposition of  the civilizations which settled in this Land of gods and are still the native “pahadis”. One of the main reason behind bringing this primary issue on such an erudite subject of Architecture is its decreasing significance in our day to day life. The city of Doon is becoming a monotonous concrete dummy due to replicated architectural styles and is the best example of degrading heritage in the region.

This issue is the commencing  work of our team in the sector of Uttarakhand’s architecture. We hope to cover more of Kumaon and Garhwal in future issues. The issue took a long time to get online due to its vast criterion of research. We were supported by Doon Photo Walk for providing the photographs of Kumaon. Nomaan Khan, the guest columnist for this issue focused on canals of Dehradun and its lost heritage. An extensive on site work was done by our photographers in the region of Maldevta, Mussorie, Premnagar and other primal places of Dehra. During the site work in Maldevta, team members survived a road accident, which became another cause of delay .

I would like to acknowledge Walton’s gazetteer, Gazetteer by Atkinson and research papers by Wadia Institute of Geological Sciences . My hearty greetings to all the editors, writers and team members for supporting in documenting  this issue on Architecture. Last but not the least, its been six months that our supporting criteria expanded, to which we are humble and honoured.


Happy Reading!!

Editor- in – chief

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