Editorial, December 2017

The second last issue of Volume 3 is on board and I am no less happy to announce that the print issue of The Doon Mozaic Volume 3 will be available from Feb 2018.

There was an immense research that has been done for the present issue on “Mythologies of Kumaon and Garhwal”. The issue will be focusing on the traditions and related Mythologies of Kumaon and Garhwal. From Katyuri kingdom to the Chands this issue brings the lime light to the aspects of Jagars and other form of exorcism performed in the hills.

As our state is driven by the tourism and Mythologies contributes more than half of them. Hence, bringing the aspects of a particular civilization is the main objective of this issue.

A myth has a part of reality hidden in it, if not the supernatural power then about the understanding of the clan, about the nature and universe. Hence, Kedarkhand and Manaskhand is the cipher yet to be decoded to understand the knowledge of the natives and rulers.

I hope this issue will provide a summarized version of the vast data available in our libraries.

Follow our issue at www.doonmozaic.com

Happy reading!

Nitin Chandola

(Editor in chief)

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