Girish Tewari Girda

Girish Tewari was the most prominent writer, poet, and scriptwriter of Uttarakhand. His role is vibrant in the Kumaoni literature and theatre culture of Uttarakhand. ‘Girda’ as his friends used to say, was one of the adaptable activists that took the Chipko movement to the orient by singing the songs of consciousness in remote settlements of Uttarakhand and later transformed that mass movement to engorged Uttarakhand Andolan. A dissertation will be much less to accumulate the whole work of Girish Tewari’s done for the prosperity of Uttarakhand. Girda stands unwavering in today’s society where the venality is increasing and our fundamental privileges are constantly in the muddled state of elucidation. Hence, the work of Girish Tewari was taken by our team to connote the prominence of his work and literature in making Uttarakhand an affluent and sustainably developed state.

We investigated through the primary books written on Girish Tewari like ‘Jainta Ek din to aalo’, ‘Nagade Khamosh Hain’ , ‘Girda ke Ayaam’ etc. The orientations and reflections in writing the columns in this issue are taken from these books and other literature available in ‘Nainital Samachar’ done by him in the late 90s and 80s. I sincerely thank the works done by in compiling them. I have confidence that bibliophiles will bring righteousness to the columns and research done by our team on Girda and his vibrant life.

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Nitin Chandola

(Editor in Chief)

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