Following our theme based issues, here is our issue dedicated to the music of Dehradun, after a brainstorming session for this issue, we named it “music of my valley”. This issue is totally based on the musical trends on going in Doon and issues related to it. I want to thank the featured bands in helping us out in this issue. The editorial desk thanks shivani sharma for being standing alone in its part as an editor after unavailability of other editors. It was a great experience on covering camel’s back road of Mussoorie with team. This road is literally the heritage of Mussoorie. Our issue story for this edition is based on the problem faced by different musical genres in Uttarakhand. I would like to thank Bhairvas, Keechad, Crystal Heads and Kartavya for being a helping hand.

Since Doon was a part of Garhwal , most of the music here was dedicated to folk but, introduction of DJ and Punjabi songs created a setback for the folk music here. Unable to modify the level of media, most audio industry suffered a heavy loss followed by a gap of generation of post and pre millennia. Hence our team decided to dedicate the part of this journal to music of Doon. No matter, how many times this issue has been raised but, lack of policy by our policy makers is worsening the thing here. The days are not far when, the folk here will be at extinction level. Bands have taken responsibility of reviving the folk music but, lack of financial supports and quality studios is discouraging point here. we hope this issue will be appreciated by our citizens and primal measures will be taken by our governments.

Happy reading!!

Nitin Chandola

Editor in chief

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