Dastan Magsman’s storytelling and reading workshop with Abha Massie

The habit of reading and writing comes from an inquisitive mind and this interest into knowing about and learning new things is a tendency worth cultivating. Developing this tendency is necessary amongst young children if we desire to create a new generation of learned citizens.

Ms. Abha Massey, in this regard, took a nicely planned and executed initiative. The program was a storytelling and reading workshop organized by Dastan Magsman. This program took place in the beautifully set café at, EC Road, Dehradun. Co-organizer of the event was Mr. Anyas, a young achiever, who developed from scratch a business in the education field of pre-school learning in race course. In attendance of this program were talented, classy, educated and sophisticated parents and their children.

Dastan Magsman’s storytelling and reading workshop with Abha Massie
Interaction at Dastan Magsman’s storytelling and reading workshop with Abha Massey.

The event started off with very young children taking the centre stage to tell everyone their about their favourite story books, it’s contents and what is that they like so much in that book and most importantly what did they learn from the book. An amazing aspect of the whole activity was to see these very tiny cute little children speak so elegantly and confidently. It was mesmerizing to listen to their deep and thorough understanding of the wonderful stories that they narrated. 

Next up was the storytelling telling part by Ms. Abha Massey herself. The fact that she is an excellent organizer could be observed from the beginning, but it was overwhelming to hear her speak so gracefully, elegantly and attractively. It seemed she completely immersed herself into the story she was narrating; a beautiful story about a farmer named Shingeri Srinivasa, who could not bear the hardships of urban centre and its noisy environment, over which he rather preferred his rural hometown and soothing music. The free-flowing dramatization that Ms. Abha added to the story was perfectly complementing. The children got really hooked to the story and seemed to enjoy it as well.

To add some fun to all this learning, very cool and fun activities were also devised. It set the mood of all the people present to have some light hearted fun and open up to one another. However, that was not the sole purpose of the games. The games were meant for children to speak confidently and realize the need to have good presence of mind with the game of stop and go at command.

Dastan Magsman’s storytelling and reading workshop with Abha Massie reading session
reading session workshop with Abha Massey

Our reporter present at the site got a chance to interact with the co-organizer of the event, Mr. Anayas. He shared his experience while establishing the elite pre-school institute. The school was founded last year in the month of October. He had started his business with books, which still remains his primary business. The vision for the school was to provide good quality primary education to children of well to do families with extra care. The main problem which he and his team faced initially was to come to terms with the kind of services they needed to cater to these very young children, within tender age group of 1-1.5 years. They needed to develop the much required skill of patience in dealing with the kids. Mr. Anayas said he currently is not planning big things as he trying to focus on what he already has on his hands. However, he is eager to do more events with Abha in the near future, which should come as a good news for parents and children alike.

Our team interacted with the children who attended the event. One little girl named Tisya Sharma from The Gyananda School gladly shared her experience of the event with us. She told us that the whole event was very nice for her and she learned and enjoyed in equal proportions. For her one best part of the event particularly was where the children acted to explain to others anything without speaking. One new and great lesson that she said she learned from the event was that it is very important to be a good listener to be a good speaker.

The world is changing fast and the new generation needs to be adaptive and explorative and for that they need to be confident and open to new and varied teachings. Events like these enthuse them and make them understand the value of reading as it gives them exposure beyond boundaries. Interactions with a group from varied walks of life makes them open to unexplored newness all around them. Endeavours such as Ms. Abha  will help the next generation of parents to build their kid’s skills.

A Column By Nikhil Singh

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