Dastan magsman

Abha Massey’s, Dastan magsman initiative conducted a storytelling session in the winter frost carnival held at Musee art cafe on 21st December 2019. The two and half-hour-long session was full of enjoyment. the session was especially dedicated to the tiny tots of Dehradun who are eager to listen to the stories and participate in co-curricular activities. 

With the prime motto of creating an interactive session between the kids and their parents, Abha conveyed a detailed session with the children using interactive storytelling sessions based on the Christmas carols and stories of Christmas festivities.  The kids got to know about the influence of stories based on morals and the value of Christmas is bringing joy to one’s life. 

Abha’s way of discussing the story based on the Christmas celebration among the kids with full and detailed expressions seemed to be unique among the children, as most of her audience was deeply indulged and creatively participated in answering the questions of the narrator. 

On being asked about the method she used to comprehend much easily with the children of 4 to 7 years, she told that the expression based storytelling with much indulgence of the listener improves the listening capabilities of the child. She also emphasized that being a teacher helped her a lot to understand the method a kid should be taken care of. 

The session of storytelling was followed by the origami making session, which was conducted in group formation of the participating children. The Santa cap making session created a zeal of Christmas amongst the participants, the parents participated in the event with their respective kids and helped them to create origami. 

The origami session was followed by the sketch coloring session, the children not only were keen to color the pre-sketched but also received delicacies of homemade caked by Abha Massey. The session concluded on a positive note by having a casual chit-chat between the parents and the host. The organizers of the Musee art cafe Prateek, Vaibhav, and Rahul were also present in the session. 

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