During COVID 19 Pandemic, India has met its Social Chameleon

So, whatever I will be dictating to this particular column will not be directly related to the particular community but it will be related to the social community of India which includes everyone that is misbehaving during the lockdown scenario.

 Social Chameleons are showing their true colors when the time was bad for the nation due to COVID 19 outbreak, which shows that they don’t have any kind of humility, they don’t have any kind of social responsibility towards the society in saving it and in serving it in terms of reviving the society from a particular epidemic of the pandemic. In the last few days, since the lockdown, there has been an enraged effort by these social chameleons to bring out the worst for the nation. What kind of politics has been played these days shows that it’s high-level propaganda in the high level of politics that has been played everywhere in the name of religion in the name of vote bank politics, even in the worst time of such kind of pandemic. Where the people will suffer for ages for decades to overcome the depression in the recession that will be followed by the extended lockdown that the world has seen after 1920s Spanish flu.  

moradabad paramedic violence covid 19
Photograph of violence with paramedics in Moradabad

The beating and various forms of violence and a whole lot of insincerity that has been seen in the past few days in the various parts of Indian society.  Whether they are from the Tablighi jamaat or they are from the Nihlangs of Punjab or from any other kind of community that has been reported in the press and media. Many questions have been raised that the government has not actually enforced the laws in this particular area to its fullest. Some people suggest that the CRPF should have been the best option over there. 

On the 15th of April, ITBP personnel have been deployed in Dehradun and many parts of Uttarakhand seeking the people who misbehave with police and act as an Anti-Social element for society. Well in a class we have all kinds of pupils. Some people are sincere and some are disruptive to the system. The case of the public is that some are the curious ones and others are kind of anti-social elements that have been creating a lot of chaos out there in society.

Fundamentalist Islamist community in Indore attacked the paramedics’ team

Pelting stones on the medical professionals and on the police are among the acts of these elements. This clearly shows not only an Anti-Social influence but also an attachment to their fundamentals feeding the ego with a hint of ignorance. To control and understand these behaviors it is essential to understand that merely leadership is not enough for them to sort out their intriguing confusions regarding life and what they have been taught all life long. 

Social responsibility would have been the first chapter in any Civic class before understanding any of the fundamental rights and duties. It existed in Indian intuition since ancient times that as a part of social responsibility, understanding empathy is good.  The social responsibility to understand that the emotional intelligent beings are the fittest and are the ones who can survive in the world in upcoming days. 

Nihangs in Punjab created a nuisance and chops cop’s hand

The main problem with text-based fundamental ideologies is that it is limited to a period of time, its reliability to a particular period of time is not tested and does not have any kind of evidence. That’s why this kind of fundamentals without any kind of evidence does not suit the scientific temperament of our country where people believe that somewhere there is a voice that is authoritative and whom they can’t actually question for its reliability at that point of time. 

There is a very simple small line between being a Fundamentalist and being a man of Faith.  A man of faith will not think of doing any kind of mishappenings to the society that he lives in or to the social world that we live in. Right now, the man with the fundamentals of ideologies will find it very difficult to shift and implement something that contradicts his or her ideology and will certainly be going to miss behave as fundamentals make a person’s psychology unadaptive to the new situations and surroundings.

 I was hit by a particular thought on the 10th of March when coronavirus virus cases started growing in India and were about 27 cases and that too was in the metropolitical cities like Delhi and Mumbai. I estimated that nearly 75 to 80% of the people in India will really understand the need of the precaution that has to be taken during the outbreak of coronavirus in all over India. The rest of the 22% to 15% is a kind of Fundamentalist and it will definitely be not the easy task to take them into control. On the 27th of March as soon as the cases with connection to the Nizamuddin Markaz and Tablighi Jamaat started coming into the data sets of the Ministry of Health and Welfare, the Government of India. It was damn clear that things will go Towards the worst now. On 15th of April when I am writing this particular column the cases that are active around India with the COVID-19 are almost 11000 and some parts in India like  Mumbai, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh and a few more in Madhya Pradesh are still facing the same kind of reluctance due to the radical fundamental thinking residing in Muslim and orthodox society.

Paramedics are working day and night for contact tracings of the COVID19 infected.

 A few days earlier on  13th April, Haldwani, a place in the Nainital district of Uttarakhand also observed the same kind of reluctance from the Fundamentalist community. We need not know about them because they are known right now as the ‘ single source’ to maintain secular form around the nation. The decision by the government of Uttarakhand and Uttarakhand Police in force national security act ( NSA) seems to bear a fruitful future and we will definitely see this happening in upcoming days.

What we have to do is to be aware of these social chameleons. They know how to change the colors they know how to change the names they know how to go with their personal and community-based propagandas also and it is not hidden from society.

 We may have a social secular culture as described by our constitution but we all have a personal life too.  We can stand for constitutional rights but we have some constitutional duties at first and responsibilities towards our family and towards our country also.

By Nitin Chandola

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