Challenges to convert the Home returnees as the asset in Uttarakhand

Home returnees to Uttarakhand due to the coronavirus pandemic are on a rise on a per-day basis. Uttarakhand Has received nearly 2 to  2.5 lakh returnees migrants from all over India to their native home.  Amid the challenges of overcoming the increasing cases of coronavirus COVID-19 in the region of higher Himalayas and in the regions of Tarai,  there is also one of the most challenging parts, And that is the upcoming increase in the unemployment rate. It is for sure that the migration that took place from the parts of India to the native homes in Uttarakhand is mostly due to The incapabilities of the industries in providing the secure environment of the employment and insecurity of the normal living of the working-class migrants. 

From the past 20 years Uttarakhand has been in a challenging position of creating employment opportunities either by providing the jobs to the youth or by creating self-help groups and its related MSME. But the growth of creating jobs has been so much slow that @ migration from the Uttarakhand remained constant and in fact increased in many of the prime districts like Almora and  Pauri. 

 In lockdown 2 and lockdown 3 it was seen that the laborers in the other working-class migrants were coming back to their native homes of which natives of Uttarakhand who migrated to these big Metropolitan cities are also the prime players.  It is for sure that the pandemic situation of COVID-19 Will takes nearly 6 months or so to calm down. In such a case the factories related to the nonessential goods will be suffering from the economic crisis in upcoming days.  hands most of the working class lost their jobs. Their services for many of them are working at half of the salary they were used to getting in the pre-covid-19 era. in Uttarakhand also people are looking forward that the state will impart some boost do the domestic economy bye in forcing the government programs like startup Uttarakhand, self-help groups,  MSME’S, And will going to introduce new Investments off white color jobs in the region not only e of There but also in The Hills. 

 The challenges of unemployment will be greater than the coronavirus tackling challenges,  because at the time when the investment at a low rate is degrading India’s economy.  To provide loans and a viable source of revenue to the state will be a much difficult task.  horticulture, agriculture, agro-based industries  Vir the prime source in the sector of organic-based industries in the region which has suffered drastically due to the lockdown extensions and nonavailability of the transports In The Hills.  Hence to create an hour of positivity is strictly and necessarily needed to make sure that the rate of employment should gradually or eccentrically decline in upcoming days.  state that used to sell the famous and ripened apples of Ramgarh in the District Nainital of Uttarakhand with the branding of Himachal apples to make sure that the Apple muscle in the region needs to grow its own USP  and branding value too. 

 Its high time brainStorm by the prime University is situated in the states to find the best way of encouraging the people to opt for new and various ways of businesses too.  whether it is related to tourism and Hospitality or in the sector of Agro-based industries or in the form of raw material suppliers.  it was seen that macroeconomics plays a major role in Uttarakhand in deriving the revenue for the state functions and the government works but actually it is the microeconomics that plays a vital role in making the circular economy more stable and more fruitful. 

 the state that  I rely on sales of alcohol, mining, and tourism generating half of its revenue no need to think eccentrically in different parts in sectors of private and nonprivate institutions.  The challenges are not only developing employment but also making the laborers and making the working class more skillful and more productive and taking them away from procrastination.  Hence imparting more force and funds to skill development programs in the area of IT,  mechanical, automation, agriculture, and tourism seems to have a great impact on reviving the state’s economy. 

The consequences of not taking aggressive steps in building the atma nirbhar Uttrakhand will again lead to the lion and that too two or more drastic levels than ever seen. The Dreamers of Uttarakhand who participated actively in Uttarakhand Andolan were always in the opinion that the young Minds of Uttrakhand should serve Uttarakhand to bring it up in a sustainable manner so that the energy of Himalayas remain within its borders. 

The initiatives like Raibaar Uttarakhand By  Uttarakhand government will only be successful if they will create sustainable employment and will not lose this golden chance of stopping the migration of natives to the big Metropolitan overpopulated cities of the country.  The time has come for the government and the people of Uttarakhand to get up at its feet and to hold the Baton of taking this state forward towards wealth and well being. 

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