Most of the songs we listen are related to some kind of genre. Rock, metallic, pop, blues are some of the most admired ones in the world and prevails in Doon as well. However, as soon as one gets over these genres, independent music starts. “Bhairvas” is a band representing and encouraging independent music in Doon valley. With aim of composing ‘Sufi’ music, the Bhairvas stand adamant to express themselves by their inimitable class of music. The valley loves this group and their hard-core fans spend nights waiting for their performances. Here is team’s casual chit chat with them …

Q1. Why you guys shifted the genre from Sufi music to independent music?

Ans   it’s not that we shifted or left the Sufi genre, we are evolving it into independent music too, either by fusing them to the other kind of genre, what if one listening the Sufi in rock style or a rock theme in Sufi style. The experimentation has always helped us to grow and understand our audience demands. Now, we are working on Urdu poetries to make it evolve in larger scale.

Q2. What do you think how to connect with people now and on?

As, we are not specific to one particular area, we think that a music  and song should not be intelligent enough to convey a message itself, the instruments , vocal and environment provided should have major roles in making the music evergreen. Most of the listeners we perform for have a wide taste in music, which makes them adaptable to whatever we convey.

Q3. What is a band for you? Do you have disputes too?

A band is a family for us, we have disputes like every family have, our studio is like our home, our each disputes in the team is always related to music, and we are always helpful to each other in each other’s personal matters too. These things are like boon to us because it always leave us by making team more comprehensive and close to each other.Bhairvas the band

Q4.  What are your opinions about the “trance” effecting youth using the name of ‘bob Marley’?

The bob Marley generation is a misconception of mind for its follower. The music that gives the kick to the soul and your existence is called “trance’, most of listeners take trance as genre, this generalising caused the increase in intake of marijuana because the neighbourhood of Doon mainly have influence of this Marley culture among the youth.

Q5. What are your achievements and the feedback you all get after your performances?

We performed in Bangalore and in Lucknow motor fest, we perform and organised band wars also. We won awards in Chitkara University and Pantnagar. Performing at band wars we got a positive feedback on “pahadi” songs in rock versions. We nowadays are performing at clubs and cafes during weekend and there always remains a packed jam session.

Q6. According to you what is “rock” because there’s a difference between Indie rock n western rocks. What’s your opinion?

The music of Indian sub-continent has not evolved yet, it is caged in Bollywood with exception of Indian classical music. The independent music is the typical indianized genre cause to sing against leak makes a new genre in India, and that too due to the influence of Bollywood music. It may happen that sometime after, there will be legend like “led- zeppelin” will be seen in India, which will turn the course of indie rock.

Q7. What inspires your work the most?

Doon makes it happen for us, we have natural beauty, and hills, greenery, and parents support are the real inspiration. Our member, Sankalp is classical based vocalist, hence there is an importance of inspiration for him, which he absorbs from the natural beauty here.

Q7 . What about your part in DDC?

Dehradun drum circle is basically based on expressing the music, it’s based on working with societies so that they can express themselves in form of music. The band culture is based mostly of the audience but, DDC is working on making audience as a part of band. We are with them as far as they have policy to make independent music popular in valley.

Q8- feeling for doon?

The civilization here has balance with nature, we have been to Delhi and we have performed in many places but Doon makes it happen that, once you be here, and it will not leave you till the grave. We have our childhood clinged here so, this place is our first priority.


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