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Aditi Mathur Kumar, wife of an army officer is a passionate writer, traveler and blogger. Recently she launched her book “Love, Whatever That Means” in The Booknerds event. With more than  two years career in regular blog writing, Aditi debuted her with book “Soldier & Spice” in prints. Apart from being a proud mother, she is also a charming conversationalist. Here are some glimpses of our interaction with her.

Your blog have a section on parenting, what difference do you feel in parenting you’ve got and the parenting you give?

I categorize my blog into a “lifestyle blog”, though it’s an abusive way to categorize. I think my parenting
style is same as my parents, I have learned a lot from them. I belong to a generation which has witnessed an era of both analog-ism and digitization. Our parenting was done with sophisticated feelings and parents used to give time to their children but, today’s generation is more into smartphones and computers. It doesn’t mean that they don’t value relations however, parents need to make their children understand the right use of technology.

The life of travelers like Xuanzang and Faxian documents the knowledge and culture about different places. As a traveler, what were your experiences (both good and bad)?

I have traveled to many places but one of the memorable journeys I have been into was to Israel. Not because of Jerusalem, but for the aura which was created during the full moon in the desert. My definition of good journey is the way a place affects one spiritually, mentally and emotionally. I wrote about it in my blog “why I love Israel”. I love Honk Kong due to the cosmopolitan nature of that city. There people are both harsh and good at the same time.

Blogs are easily accessible and are cheap means of communication, then why did you choose to write a book?

I have been obsessed with prints, a book in hand gives a physical sensation to a reader. As far as my blog is considered, though it is accessible but, I always wanted to get my works printed aAditi mathur kumar nd now they are here in the form of two books. It’s been a tough time finding a good publisher for my second book but this added to my experience in the area of marketing and advertising books.

There are many books in the market based on love stories and many authors are coming up, everybody is eager to write their part of story. Everybody is writing but, who is reading?

It’s a golden era for writers because publishers are investing money on literature which is profitable for them. In my case my luck worked, writing and creating a blog two years before getting published made a considerable fan following of readers which supported me at time of “Soldier & Spice” and now it has quadrupled for my present launch. Reading should be encouraged in every language, we have internet and smartphones for accessing the written content but lack of stamina to read is still a barrier to attract people.

Writing humor is tough, what are your ideology behind choosing this style of writing?

Humor is a part of our day to day life, a person who is the subject may not find it humorous but audience or a listener of his story do find it funny, like in many plays of Shakespeare. So humor for me is not set to a particular ideology, day to day conversation we listen and observe become an element for me to impart hues of humor in my books and write ups.




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