It’s true that I am crying,
it’s not that I am not trying.
I always got you wrong
and it had gone too long.
Mumma this world is so big,
but hearts are too small.
They will never let me in,
they act as if I’ve committed a sin.
This world is not real,
they will never understand what I feel.
I can’t tell how much I  love you
because I don’t know how to do it,
my heart is broken and I am in pieces.
Don’t know how to tell you about that,
can’t hide my tears because I  am feeling so bad.
I wonder if you could come back,
I never thought,
your company mumma, I would ever lack.

It was me who always hurt you,
but I always want see you happy and that’s true.
Mumma why are you ignoring me,
I am in tears, why can’t you see?
I am living in darkness,
my tears used to be your biggest weakness.
You promised that you would keep that birthday card with you,
you forgot about that treat which is due.
I’ve understood mumma that you are always right,
I love the times of our fights.
I want to apologize for those harsh words,
but you left me like a sky with no birds.
I remember those times when we played on that cart,
you used to send me letters when we were apart.
I have those letters in my hand,
I think about those days on those green lands.
Since the day, you left me alone,
I haven’t talked to anyone,
even I don’t want to do that,
I miss my best friend I had.
I wish if I could keep those kisses,
that you gave me on my forehead,
you will never leave me alone, that’s what you said.
You never kept those promises you made,
I was waiting for you when they said,
“Your mother is no more.”
I pushed them away and shouted,
“My mother can never be dead.”
“She is always there in my heart,
She asked me not to fall apart.”

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